The Brooklyn Dance Center
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The Brooklyn Dance Ensemble

Pre- Ballet – For ages 2-3 yrs. The class is one hour of creative movement that teaches the child basic rhythm and coordination, along withan introduction to basic Balle steps. Included is an introduction to Tumbling 

Combination Classes – For children who are under the age of 9 and want to learn different dance styles. Each class is an hour and half and divided into a half hour each of Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop, or Tumbling

Ballet/ Pointe –It is the foundational technique of most dance genres. Ballet will give you the proper alignment and strength to execute its many beautiful and classical movements. One hour and a half technique classes for pre-teens, teens, and adults. Class consists of a full barre with center and across the floor adagio and allegro combinations.  

Tap – For teens and adults, combines rhythmic tap and classical tap steps with a warmup, center combinations, time steps, and progressive routines that build each week.

Jazz – An energentic dance class which focuses on basic jazz technique, incorporating turns and leaps within sequences across the floor. Popular music is used to execute the many movements. The learned exercises will build the body’s ability to follow the varied styles and technique of the form. Class combines stretching with strengthening exercises to facilitate the movements and includes a combination at the end of each class.

Hip Hop – The most current steps with the latest music combines a fresh dance class for children and adults. Classes are one hour and include a stylized routine to reinforce learned movements.

Lyrical – A combination of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz create this style of dance open to all students who desire to be open and expressive through movements. This very expressive form of dance is characterized by it’s fluidity and grace and uses powerful and emotionally charged music to express the choreography.

Classical Modern – An open level one hour class for teens and adults that is based on “Graham Technique”. The class consists of a strong floor warmup and barre work, to help with alignment and combinations across the floor which build on the floor technique. This class is open to serious dancers who desire to develop their bodies within this unique technique.

Contemporary – An hour and a half class for teens and adults who take a more serious approach to perfoming. The class combines choreography based on ballet and modern and a knowledge of these techniques are required. The class strarts out with stretch/strengthening exercises and continues on to sequences that move and travel with intricate steps to help enhance the dancers skills. The class finishes with choreography built upon the movements done during the class.

Horton Modern – An open level class for pre-teen to adult A modern technique with jazz/blues era influences incorporates ballet and west african based movements. The technique develops long lines, gracefull movements and strong, sturdy muscle tone. Starting with stretch/strength exercises in center, the class moves on to travel across the floor culminating with a combination of steps worked on throughout the class and ends with a simple exercise that eases the body into cool-down mode.

Acrobatics – A one hour class that teaches basic tumbling skills on the mat and builds confidence. Students learn how to increase flexibility and strengthen their bodies all in a safe setting.

Bellydance – A class for women who want to experience this ancient style of dance which celebrates “the divine feminine”. A lot of abdominal work creates a great workout for all body types.

Flamenco – a very stylized class from the Spanish culture which focuses on exciting rythyms and unique folk movements with percussive footwork. 

Salsa - A one hour class of this very popular latin style with instruction on partnering and different stylized dance patterns

Pilates – A one hour conditioning class which focuses on working the “core” muscles. Props are used to help with promoting body awareness within the strengthening exercises as healthy alignment is achieved. Mats are provided.

Yoga – A hatha yoga class which is good for all body types. Yoga promotes good health using the breathwork and asanas which create a sense of well being along with assisting in good body alignment and increasing flexibility. A one hour class for teens and adults with mats and props provided.